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Editor Messages

With the Experience Editor being such an important aspect of content management, developers are constantly looking for ways to guide the content author. One way is to provide pointed messaging within the editor itself. Hence Editor Messages. Just create a helper extension method as follows: The enum is used to […]

Provide warning if using partner license

A while ago it was discovered that the partner license had accidentally been used on a client’s instance. Obviously, it was switched immediately but it should have been instantly noticed. I came across the Sitecore License Expiration Module and realized that I could use the same process to determine if […]

Generate Number Bullets on Renderings

One of my coworkers recently had an issue getting items to display the correct bullet number based on their position. I suggested he take advantage of the renderings themselves instead of their datasources to achieve what he was looking for. Using the PageDefinition of the current PageContext, create a a […]