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Uninstall Sitecore 10 if installed using SIA

Ssshhhh. Are you still using SIA to install you Sitecore instances? I had been using Scott Gillis’s Sitecore-Uninstall-SIA.ps1 but it hasn’t been supported since version 9.3. No biggie, I just grabbed it and made some minor changes.

  • The required version of SIF needed to be updated to 2.3
  • Changed how the Prefix is found. Had a few installations that did not install correctly and script would fail because it was looking for information in the log that did not exist.
  • Added checks to account for failed installations
  • Added removal of certificates to script (snatched from Habitat).

You can grab the gist here. I’ve been using this for a bit and it works for Sitecore 10.0 and 10.1. The one downside is if you have multiple installs and you are not looking to uninstall the last one, finding the log file you want to reference can be a bit of a nascence. But, I am sure if you really wanted to you could extend the script to crawl the files and pull out the unique names so they wouldn’t have to hunt for the correct file.

Hope someone finds this tidbit useful.

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15+ year programming professional with 10+ years devoted to Sitecore development. I've been using the platform since Sitecore 6.0 and currently serve as a Technical Architect at Verndale.

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