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Enable map contact identifier and contact identifer source by default

Recently to have the map contact identifiers and map contact identifiers source checkboxes selected by default.

My intitial thought was to go into the core database and look for a setting to update but I was only able to find ways to add default and custom facet properties to the wizard. I then found the application located in \sitecore\shell\client\Applications\ListManager and started looking at the ImportWizard.js. Fortunately, I was led to the correct file by Artsem Prashkovich. It turns out I did not dig deep enough and the file in question was the ImportmapTo.js located in the following folder: sitecore\shell\client\Applications\ListManager\Controls\ImportMapTo

Not only did I have to make the changes suggested but I also had to remove hide() and Off() methods which are highlighted below.

After clearing the browser cache, things worked as expected.

NOTE: These files should not be directly edited. You can lose your changes or experience other issues when doing upgrades. I hope someone finds this tidbit useful.

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