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Layout Delta is not a valid XML

Recently a few developers were editing the same item and when the code was merged, Sitecore would no longer allow anyone to view the item. Clicking on the item displayed:

Fortunately, we use Unicorn to pass items across environments so it was very easy to see what the XML should look like in the Layout section’s rendering fields. To get the item back to a state that it could be viewed, we took advantage of the Move an item to another database functionality. Switch to the web database and locate it in the control panel (location and look may vary some based on version. This is 8.1)

Once done, switch back to the master db and open the item with raw values, and standard fields selected. Update the appropriate rendering field with the correct XML.

And that should do it.

NOTE: If you are comfortable with editing YAML files, you could get away with correcting the issue in the serialized file itself and just use the Developer tab’s  update item button. Hope someone finds this tidbit useful.

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15+ year programming professional with 10+ years devoted to Sitecore development. I've been using the platform since Sitecore 6.0 and currently serve as a Technical Architect at Verndale.

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  1. Ran into this today after an upgrade from 9.1 to 9.3, never saw it before so was glad to run across a quick solution. Thanks man!

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