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Uninstall Sitecore 10 if installed using SIA

Ssshhhh. Are you still using SIA to install you Sitecore instances? I had been using Scott Gillis’s Sitecore-Uninstall-SIA.ps1 but it hasn’t been supported since version 9.3. No biggie, I just grabbed it and made some minor changes. The required version of SIF needed to be updated to 2.3 Changed how […]

Placeholder Id error

I recently went to open item details on a page item in the content editor and was met by the following error: My first thought was that the layout had been corrupted but I was unable to view it. Then I remembered the dbbrowser, a light weight tool that can […]

Adding default facet field to Import contacts wizard

Recently I was asked to expose the Gender field of the PersonalInformation facet so that gender information could be imported with the contact through the wizard. Fortunately this is a simple task. Switch to the core db and navigate to /sitecore/client/Applications/List Manager/Dialogs/ImportWizardDialog/PageSettings/TabControl Parameters/Map/ImportModel and reight click the folder to expose […]

Adding custom information into submit action

What are submit actions? Sitecore introduced Sitecore Forms with Sitecore 9. They are designed to replace Sitecores Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM). These forms expose a concept of submit actions (if you are familar with WFFM, these are much like save actions). These are components that determine what happens when […]

Editor Messages

With the Experience Editor being such an important aspect of content management, developers are constantly looking for ways to guide the content author. One way is to provide pointed messaging within the editor itself. Hence Editor Messages. Just create a helper extension method as follows: The enum is used to […]

Analytics periodically stops aggregating data

After an upgrade from Sitecore 8.2 to 9.0.2, it was noticed that reports and charts were not current. Inspection of the InteractionLiveProcessingPool table in the ProcessingPools database confirmed that aggregation was failing. The record count should be shrinking as data is processed for reports. The table had over 200k records […]